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Networking / Servers

Home Networking Setup –

Install and connect all your computers to the internet. Your home network can be wired or wireless, depending on what fits you. I will be able to give you an estimate of the equipment needed to purchase in order to get your home computers networked and on the internet, purchase them for you and bill you for that after the job is complete. Your home network setup will be secured to ensure no one breaks into your computer because of a lack of security. This will vary on the time it will take but a 3 computer network installation should take around 3 hours. *NOTE* I will not setup a computer on your network if your computer is less than a Pentium III 500Mhz with at least 128MB of Ram running Windows 2000.*NOTE*

Home Network Troubleshooting –

As long as you are connected to the internet I can remotely help you with issues that you can’t seem to get working. Whether it is a pesky pop up ads or your wireless laptop not working I may be able to remotely support your needs.

Small Business Networking & Servers –

Depending on your needs I can connect multiple offices with Qwest or COX T1 circuits, connect your office to the internet, or help you with a firewall that needs to be set up. I also can help you set up a small business web server if you want to host your own website on the internet. I can be the project manager for your new location and ensuring you have the right amount of data drops where it is needed, then connect your servers and networking gear as needed.

I am also well versed in Windows Server Products from NT to 2008 with Active Directory implementations. I can assist in helping find, purchase, and install hardware and software for business needs to make your Windows Workgroup become a Windows Domain. I am also able to assist with basic server maintenance, repair, and installation as needed. I can assist in remote or on site diagnosis of server problems.

Network troubleshooting-

If your small business is having issues with network connectivity between locations or even in house over a switch. I can come on site and troubleshoot and diagnose problems with all types of networking equipment. I am currently certified to work on the following equipment – Cisco / Nortel / 3Com/ HP / and Lucent. This troubleshooting will allow me to sniff your network and find out what causes of problems are occurring, and also give advice as to what equipment should be used if something can not handle the load.

Cisco Voice over IP Troubleshooting / Administration-

If you have a Cisco Voice over IP solution and you need help with patches, upgrades, projected future outlook and other issues you can look to me for your administrative and upgrade needs. I have dealt with Cisco’s Voice over IP solution over a WAN and in a very large scale campus network. With these experiences I can help design, or maintain your voice solution.


Pricing structure can be found under the Pricing Structure Page or on each individual link above. Pricing depends on services needed. Prices subject to change without notification.


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