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Computer Repair

Upgrades –

Installing new internal or external devices such as DVD/CDRW Burning drives, Memory Upgrade, New sound card, Video Card can seem to be a tough task if you haven’t done this before.

Software Installation –

Any new software you wish to have installed, and configured the way you want it to be set up.

System Restore / Cleaning –

System running slow? I can clean up your system and start off fresh like you just received the computer. I will back up your data (Must be explicitly told what data to save) and burn anything less than 4 Gigabytes to a DVD for you. Then restore your system back to the day you received the computer. I will also open up your computer and clean out any dust that may be inside the case.

System Crash –

If your system has crashed and you want it back up and running as soon as possible. I will have to diagnose this on a case by case basis. Most likely rate for System Crash emergency would be $90.00 per hour and trip charge, however each case is unique.

Pricing structure can be found under the Pricing Structure Page or on each individual link above. Pricing depends on services needed. Prices subject to change without notification.

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